Night Shift

Three years ago, I worked the evening shift and got off about midnight.

Thursdays and Fridays I use to head out right from work and Uber all the way up to DC and back again and get home about 4 or 5 AM. I'd get about 5 or 6 decent fares a night and earn a hundred bucks or more. At that time of night, I'd usually get people from the lower end of the social spectrum ... picking up the mechanics, and janitors, and "dancers" and prostitutes all getting off shift and heading home. Small apartments in small apartment buildings ... some of them rather run down.

And each and every one of these fares, ALWAYS tipped. Generally, it was 3 or 4 bucks, whatever they had handy, or, maybe, whatever they had, but they always gave me something. The people who could least afford it.